Our Dream

Covered BridgeA Residential Hospice in Milton & Halton Hills

We imagine a place in Milton and Halton Hills where those who are dying receive compassionate end of life care in a private and comfortable home-like setting.

We imagine that those who come here to die, also come here to live and are encouraged to savour these measured days and to make them as meaningful and rich as possible.

We imagine the comfort of knowing that every person’s values, beliefs, and dignity are fully respected as their lives come to an end.


This Is The Heart of Hospice Care


We envision a residential hospice facility of approximately 10,000 square feet located in the Milton/Halton Hills area. It will have 10 private, home-like rooms with private baths for terminally ill patients as well as comfortable common spaces for family and friends, and office space for hospice support staff.

Our residential hospice will offer specialized care for people who are unable to remain at home but do not require the acute care of a hospital during their last days.

This home away from home will offer patients and their families a peaceful haven surrounded by dedicated care-giving team members working to make this transition as comfortable and dignified as possible.

Become Part of the Dream

We invite each of you to become part of our dream by keeping informed, promoting this project among your family, friends and colleagues and encouraging charitable donations to be directed towards funding this much needed facility.

As an individual or business, you can help by organizing a fundraiser to support this effort. We’d be delighted to provide you with materials. We also need volunteers of all kinds: board members, fund raisers, architects, health care workers, etc. We would love to hear from you.


Townsend Smith Foundation