Let’s Offer Comfortable End-of-Life Care

We hear that most people prefer to die at home in familiar surroundings with their family nearby.
Sometimes unforeseen factors change the dying person’s wish, or that of his family caregiver.
For example, a friend, discussing Hospice need in the area, stated

”only yesterday I talked with a long-time Milton resident whose husband died recently of cancer. She cared for him at home for some time with great palliative home care support. Despite this, he decided to go into hospital near the end to make sure his wife did not have to experience his dying at home. They thought about Ian Anderson House but his wife was too nervous to drive to Oakville for visits.”

While there are two residential hospices in Halton, Ian Anderson House in Oakville and Carpenter Hospice in Burlington, family may be too tired or too overwhelmed with their situation to drive the distance. As well, these facilities have their own local residents to care for, and may not have space to offer. Townsend Smith Foundation is trying to secure property in or near Milton with help from the community, to offer comfortable end-of-life care for people who choose a hospice.

Find out ways you can help to make this a reality!

Townsend Smith Foundation